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L.A.’s Finest premieres May 13th on Spectrum (Starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba)


  • Photo Courtesy of SPECTRUM

The Bad Boys movie franchise has traded in its bad boys for some bad ass women. And this new cop drama gets it spot-on by teaming the indomitable Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane) with her feisty partner in crime and fellow executive producer Jessica Alba (Mechanic: Resurrection).

Union reprises her role as Sydney Burnett, a DEA agent with a rep for taking out drug lords like the boss she is. Now newly minted as a detective for the LAPD, Burnett and her partner Nancy McKenna put their swagger to the test as they set out to trace the city’s nastiest vices — gangs, narcotics, robbery, and homicide — back to criminal mastermind Gabriel Knox. And with no shortage of fast bullets and faster barbs flying, Union and Alba undoubtedly pack the most punch with their deliciously playful performances that deliver the show’s emotional heart and keep audiences hungry for more.

This series is an exciting step up for writing duo Brandon Margolis (The Blacklist) and Brandon Sonnier (The Blacklist) who share showrunner credit for the first time with Pam Veasey (Hap and Leonard). With a stellar cast that includes Duane Martin (The New Edition Story), Ryan McPartlin (Hunter Killer), Zach Gilford (Good Girls), Laz Alonso (Armed), Sophie Reynolds (Youth & Consequences), and Ernie Hudson (Grace and Frankie), LA’s Finest proves to be star-studded and action-packed.

LA’s Finest” premieres May 13th on Spectrum.

The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess premieres May 5th on Starz (Starring Charlotte Hope)

The Spanish Princess

  • By Michael Jacobo
  • Photo Courtesy of Starz

Why do we like watching something where we know how exactly things would play out? Is it because we are just fascinated with the subjects, the time periods, the way things looked and felt? For many years, we have seen movies and television series about King Henry VIII and his mistresses/wives. Haven’t we seen them all? What makes Starz’s The Spanish Princess so special?

The series, billed as a continuation of the network’s previous royal series: The White Queen, and The White Princess, follows Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabelle and Ferdinand. At a young age, she is betrothed to Arthur, the Prince of Wales. Now a Princess of Wales, in a murky rainy English landscape, Arthur dies, and Catherine’s right to the throne is up in the air, unless she can manipulate the courts to her ways. There’s plenty of intrigue here to satisfy seasons and season of juicy television. Not to mention, this actually happened! All of these series are basically prequels to Netflix’s The Crown, so why aren’t they as popular or as demanding?

Charlotte Hope (Game of Thrones, The Theory of Everything) stars as Catherine, the Spanish Princess. Rounding out the case are Angus Imrie (Fleabag) and Elliot Cowan (also starred in Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons and Krypton). We know how these characters would end up, but the way they did what they did (essentially kicked ass) is worthy television.

The Spanish Princess” premieres May 5th on Starz.


Chernobyl debuts May 6th on HBO (Starring Stellan Skarsgård, Jared Harris, Emily Watson) (Photo Liam Daniel/HBO)


  • Photo Courtesy of Liam Daniel/HBO

The year 1986 was known for a few important moments: The Reykjavik Summit between US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev; the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster; and the year the Iran-Contra affair was born. And somewhere between when hit single “Addicted to Love” took the top of the charts, and “West End Girls” overtook that position, one of the worst human-made catastrophes took place—the Chernobyl accident.

A disaster by any stretch of the word, “Chernobyl” threatened countries far beyond the borders of northern Soviet Ukraine, and in fact posed a threat to the entire continent of Europe. So, who better than HBO to bring the cataclysmic event to the small screen?

Produced and written by Craig Mazin (The Huntsman: Winter’s War) and directed by Johan Renck (Breaking Bad) the new five-part miniseries takes a deep look at how the personalities involved stepped up to save millions from an imminent nuclear threat. And starring Emmy-nominee Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men), Stellan Skarsgård (Melancholia, Good Will Hunting) and Oscar-nominee Emily Watson (Hilary and Jackie, Breaking the Waves), the cast is as serious and mature as the subject matter.

Filmed on-site in both Ukraine and Lithuania, Chernobyl brings what seems like ancient history to audiences in only the way that HBO can, reminding us that no matter how bleak it looks, human nature can usually be counted upon to step up and do the right thing. So, tune in and hunker down for what is sure to be cream-of-the-crop Emmy fodder for 2019.\

Chernobyl” premieres May 6th on HBO.

One Last Bang!

The final episode of The Big Bang Theory airs May 16th on CBS

One Last Bang!

  • By Dennis Petrone
  • Photo Courtesy of CBS

Created and executively produced by Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half MenMom) and Bill Prady (Marred With ChildrenGilmore Girls), Big Bang Theory has been the marque comedy of an era of television that defined a generation. After 12 years and nearly 300 episodes, the time has come to say a fond farewell to our Big Bang friends: Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Howard (Simon Helberg), Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch).

No more sly bazingas when someone gets punked. No more renditions of “Soft Kitty” when someone feels under the weather. No more musings about the status of Schrodinger’s famed cat in a box. Although we’ll miss the gang, there’s plenty to celebrate as these characters grew from awkward academics to realizing adulthood with each other and young families of their own. Howard and Bernadette have two kids, and it’s been hinted that in the end Amy will wind up pregnant with Shledon’s.

The Big Bang Theory is the longest-running multi-camera sitcom ever; an accolade that was previously held by Cheers. It has ranked as a top 10 viewed show for its past seven seasons and came in at number one last season. Over the years it’s been nominated for 216 major awards winning 56 Golden Globes and 46 Emmys. Parsons, the show’s lead, has picked up the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series four consecutive years running. It takes 12 years for a child to get through school before being considered an adult. Likewise in 12 seasons, viewers grew up alongside Big Bang’s cast and characters. Farewell friends!

The final episode of “The Big Bang Theory” airs May 16th on CBS.

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