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(left to right) Gwen's Market Salad, House Made Charcuterie (featuring lavender salami), Wagyu Beef entree, Gwen's Owner and Chef Curtis' Brother Luke Stone with Otium's Spark O'Donnell (Photos Paige Petrone)


  • Story / Photos By PAIGE PETRONE

Recently I visited celebrity Chef Curtis Stone’s Gwen in Hollywood for the first time. I’m the queen of pre-theatre dining (it’s my favorite thing to do), and I do it quite often. But I have never been offered a ride to the theatre in any pre-theatre dining experience. Yes, at Gwen they call Uber to take you to the Pantages. Boy, how times have changed, and I like it! “Pre-Theatre” also offers a complimentary house cocktail, wine, or sparkling wine. It keeps getting better! Choose from the Market Salad or Strascinati (house-made pasta with mushrooms), fish (Black Sea Bream), or Hanger Steak with two sides, plus their signature Panna Cotta for dessert. Delish! For $55 per person the value is high and the price is right.

Curtis Stone operates Gwen with his brother Luke and it’s quite the family affair. Their all-star menu offers plenty for any foodie’s high standards of dining —house-made Charcuterie, Wagyu Beef Tartare, Grilled Lamb Ribs, Lobster, Oysters, Dry-Age Duck Breast, and Diver Scallops. Additionally, there are the finest beef options (they operate an impressive in-house butcher shop!) such as New York Strip, Hanger Steak, Bone-in Ribeye, and Shortloin Cut. Duck Fat Potatoes, Creamed Leeks, Jasper Roasted Carrots, and Roasted Beets are fun options to accompany your meal. Go!

Gwen is located at 6600 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

Uovo Pasta Bar

Uovo Pasta Bar in Santa Monica’s Dining Room

Uovo Pasta Bar

  • By Kymberly Chase

It’s one thing to run an affordable restaurant in a less glamorous area, but to do so in the most popular part of Santa Monica is almost miraculous. Uovo pulls off this feat by doing just one thing very well — pasta! After grabbing your own menu you are shown to a seat at the dining counter or at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

There are no appetizers, no bread, no salads, and no desserts! Other than a couple of vegetables, the menu offers only killer pasta dishes that are priced around $16 along with beer and wine. Uovo gets its pasta flown in from Bologna, so there is tortellini — tiny, floppy dumplings stuffed with ground meat that is flavored nicely with cured pork — either in chicken broth or a thick cream flavored with Parmesan cheese. There’s also a crusty green lasagna (the rich kind with béchamel), and tagliatelle with a meaty Bolognese Ragu. Tonnarelli is prepared cacio e pepe with a thick, salty sauce created with Pecorino Romano, or a sauce with artichokes, or a spicy tomato sauce, or with clams. You can also get ravioli stuffed with meat or ricotta. Simple and delicious. This cool spot is brought to us by the creators of the well-known sushi spot Sugarfish. Here’s hoping more neighborhoods get their own Uovo soon!

Uovo Pasta Bar is located at 1320 2nd Street in Santa Monica.


(left to right) Nordstrom's Bar Verde's Burrata with Apples, Hamachi Tostada, Pear, Kale & Blue Cheese Salad, and Sesame Chicken Salad (Photos Paige Petrone)


  • Story / Photos By PAIGE PETRONE

Let’s do lunch! I recommend you head to a Bar Verde located inside Nordstrom department stores. The one I visited is located on the third floor in the Century City Shopping Mall and it offers complimentary valet. Nice! This very special and elegant chain is fabulous for any lunch occasion. Open daily, they offer amazing specialty cocktails and great beer selections — it’s a full-service restaurant and convenient for pairing fabulous shopping and fine dining.

The menu boasts seasonal selections of salads, pizza, and light Southern California-style entrees. We enjoyed sharing the Pear, Kale, and Blue Cheese salad (with barley, celery, dried cherries, candied pecans, caramelized pears, and white balsamic honey vinaigrette), Burrata with Apples (with walnuts, pomegranate molasses, and grilled baguette), Sesame Chicken Salad (with cabbage, carrots, radishes, oranges, bean sprouts, almonds, edamame, crisp wontons, sesame seeds, cilantro, and sesame ginger vinaigrette), and the most amazing Hamachi Tostada special (yellowtail with pepper, radish, chili, and cilantro lime vinaigrette). The tostada was incredibly fresh, light, and delicious. All were scrumptious and wonderful but the tostada is a must-try.

The dining room and bar are bright and have a fun, bustling feel. Bar Verde is the true essence of California lifestyle and its signature dining. Check it out!

Bar Verde at Westfield Century City is located at 10250 CA-2 inside Nordstrom.


Compartes on Barrington Avenue (Brentwood)


  • By Kymberly Chase

Compartés on Barrington Avenue is the perfect shop for adventurous chocolate enthusiasts. I heard about it via social media. The mesmerizing branding and mouth-watering varieties of chocolate completely engaged me. So off I went. Compartés gourmet chocolates are made from scratch every day in their Los Angeles kitchens and shop by a small team of chocolatiers and artists, using fresh natural ingredients from local farmer’s markets. Organic chocolate at its finest. These are the folks that create special chocolates for the Oscars!

There is magic inside the walls of Compartés. The store has a full wall … that’s right … a full wall of different flavored chocolate bars. And all with super fun designs. They’re almost too gorgeous to eat! With a wide variety of colors, designs, and flavors, they are a major Instagram-able treat. I enjoyed a taste of several different bars — California Love, Vegan Kale, Campfire S’mores, and Biscuits & Honey. The delicious chocolates blend so well with the other ingredients the bar is trying to highlight. Then there is the truffle case … so decadent! There are more than 50 different truffle flavors to choose from. And now that the warm weather is here, I’ll be going back to try the frozen hot chocolate!

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