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The Last Tycoon!

The Last Tycoon is now streaming on Amazon Prime (pictured: Dominique McElligott and Matt Bomer)

The Last Tycoon!

  • By Rebekah Rejniak
  • Photo Courtesy of Amazon Prime

The Amazon adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel set in the Golden Age of Hollywood touches upon the darkening horizon of movie making. The Depression is barely a fleeting memory, and the growing influence of Hitler and Nazi Censorship has Hollywood executives looking over their shoulders.

Matt Bomer (White Collar) plays Monroe Stahr, a studio executive from New York, born Milton Sternberg, looking to re-invent himself. Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) is Pat Brady, the petulantly jealous Studio Head who adores-slash-hates his protégé, Stahr. The hypnotic Rosemarie DeWitt (La La Land) is Rose Brady, whose character delves much deeper into the psyche of a Hollywood woman, than the stereotypical trophy wife. Her daughter, Celia Brady, is aggressively played by Lily Collins (The Blind Side) and strangely enough, they’re both lovesick over the same man.

The shining star of The Last Tycoon is easily the 1930s era production design (created by Hollywood notable, Patrizia von Brandenstein) and the warm halo lighting that filters throughout, evoking the optimistic dreams of a bygone era. The costumes are equally dapper with their velvet fabric, feminine ruffles, and wide leg silhouettes created by Janie Bryant (Mad Men). The series was created, produced, co-written, and co-directed by Billy Ray (Shattered Glass).

The Last Tycoon” is now streaming on Amazon Prime.


The Good Doctor premieres September 25th on ABC (pictured: Freddie Highmore)


  • Photo Courtesy of ABC

For his latest role, Bates Motel star Freddie Highmore trades in the psycho for the savant. Known for his killer chops at playing characters of a cognitive complexity, Highmore tackles the beautiful mind of Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor, a genius surgical resident with a high-functioning form of autism. Awkward at making friends, Shaun feels ostracized by his fellow surgeons’ fears about his mental capability, so he relies on his medical acumen alone to solve unsolvable medical mysteries and save the lives of patients in ways that his colleagues are incapable. The show is an affecting exploration of the limitations on a human being that are only surpassed by the human spirit.

This medical drama is based on an original series from South Korea, produced by Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O) and placed in the masterful hands of showrunner David Shore (House), who clearly has a knack for writing difficult doctors. But unlike Shore’s cynical Gregory House, The Good Doctor wields an unwavering optimism as his sharpest scalpel, a welcome change for Highmore. Joining the hospital staff are Richard Schiff (Ballers), Antonia Thomas (Lovesick), Hill Harper (Homeland), Nicholas Gonzalez (Pretty Little Liars), and Chuku Modu (Game of Thrones). And now that Shondaland is shipping out to join Netflix, Freddie Highmore is shaping up to be ABC’s life saver.

The Good Doctor” premieres on September 25th.

Menendez Brothers!

Law & Order True Crime: THE MENENDEZ MURDERS premieres September 26th on NBC (pictured: Edie Falco)

Menendez Brothers!

  • By Rebekah Rejniak
  • Photo Courtesy of NBC

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders chronicles the 1996 trial of Beverly Hills rich kids, Lyle and Erik Menendez, for murdering their parents Jose and Kitty Menendez.

On August 20th, 1989 a call came into the 911-dispatch center. The caller, 21-year old Lyle Menendez, screamed over the line “someone killed my parents!” The brothers had claimed they returned home from the movies to find their parents massacred. What came next was a declaration of mistruths and monumental police fumbles.

The questions and accusations quickly changed from “did they do it” to “what drove them to it.” The grisliness of the murders combined with the brothers excessive spending in the weeks after became a red flag for the police. Down the line, detectives would reveal that Lyle had removed a recent version of a will – which had largely excluded Lyle and Erik – from their father’s home computer. Later, Erik (seemingly the sidekick to Lyle – and ridden with guilt) confessed to two psychiatrists that it was indeed himself and Lyle who had killed their parents. After this, the boys defense team built an explosive case of battered child syndrome, pleading that the boys had been physically beaten and molested.

Edie Falco stars as the indomitable Leslie Abramson. The American Crime Anthology created by Dick Wolf premieres on September 26th on NBC.

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Our Souls At Night begins streaming on September 29th on Netflix (pictured: Robert Redford and Jane Fonda)


  • Photo Courtesy of NETFLIX

Inspired by Faulker and Hemingway. Typing with his eyes closed. Honing his craft for two decades. It wasn’t until he was 41 that Kent Haruf wrote his first novel. Set in the fictional town of Holt amid the sweeping plains of the Colorado countryside, each one of his books explores a small town life that is seemingly plain — but unassumingly poignant. His last book is especially poetic as it echoes the cherished relationship Haruf had with his wife.

In Our Souls at Night, widower Louis Waters gets an unlikely visit from widow Addie Moore with an even more unlikely proposition — she wants to sleep with him. Not for the sex but instead for the solace. So each night, their hearts light up with discussions in the dark about life and love, recollection and regret, bitter endings sweetened by hopeful beginnings.

And who better to portray the great love story of your life than Robert Redford and Jane Fonda reigniting sparks in their fourth collaboration. Adding fuel to the fire are stars Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight), Matthias Schoenaerts (The Danish Girl), Judy Greer (Casual), and Iain Armitage (Big Little Lies). Although Our Souls at Night is the last book from Haruf before he died, this film assures that his swan song lives on.

Our Souls at Night” premieres on Netflix and in select theaters on September 29th.

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