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Manifest premieres September 24th on NBC (starring Josh Dallas and Jack Messina)


  • By Ken Werther
  • Photo Courtesy of NBC

Strange and unexplained. The supernatural. Science fiction. I was never really a fan of these things … and then came Lost. When I saw the pilot episode on ABC back in 2004, I was mesmerized and I remember thinking, “Now this is good television!” I watched religiously. This month, NBC unveils Manifest, a very mystifying and creepy tale of Flight 828 and the 191 passengers onboard. The plane takes off from Jamaica in 2013 and lands in 2018 New York City. The travelers discover they’ve been missing and presumed dead for the five years in between. I was lucky enough to get a peek at the first episode, and I repeat … it’s creepy! And fun!

Manifest stars Parveen Kaur (new to American series television), Athena Karkanis (Suits, The Expanse, The Lottery), Melissa Roxburgh (Star Trek Beyond), J.R. Ramirez (Jessica Jones, Power), Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time, Thor), and young newcomer Jack Messina. As the characters try to rebuild their interrupted lives, one of the great debates becomes whether the disappearance of the plane can be explained by science or by faith. The story involves a cop who returns to work and finds her fiancée (a detective) married to her best friend, a kid with leukemia and the doctor with a cure (who also happened to be on the plane) … and they’re all hearing voices. Here we go! Prepare for takeoff!

Manifest” premieres September 24th on NBC.

Murphy Brown!

Murphy Brown reboot premieres September 27th on CBS (starring Candice Bergen)

Murphy Brown!

  • Photo Courtesy of CBS

Remember when Murphy Brown was banned from the White House Easter Egg Hunt? By the CLINTONS no less? Well one can only imagine what would happen to our favorite investigative journalist in today’s political climate. Well thanks to CBS we’ll all get a chance to find out when it premieres un updated iteration of this iconic series this fall!

Taking on cable news, social media, fake news, and the controversial issues we all grapple with today, Brown will return with the whole crew in tow on Thursdays. Starring America’s (sort-of) sweetheart, Candice Bergen, reprising her role as Brown, old fans and new audiences alike will get a chance to connect with their favorites from the original series, including Faith Ford, Robert Pastorelli, Joe Regalbuto, and Grant Shaud, joined by newcomer Nik Dodani.

In a news cycle dominated by scandal and chaos, and a free press coming under attack day after day, America needs Murphy Brown…NOW. Sharp-witted, smart and increasingly prescient, the series couldn’t return at a more opportune moment, which may be the thinking behind the reboot. And what better network than its ancestral home of CBS.

Feeling less like a break from the every-day, and more like commentary on just how ludicrous our reality has become, Murphy Brown is sure to have is raving fans, and its skeptics alike (I can already see the tweets!). But either way, it is certain to be a hit!

Murphy Brown” returns, September 27th on CBS. 


Magnum PI reboot premieres September 24th on CBS (starring Jay Hernandez)


  • By Alex Brown
  • Photo Courtesy of CBS

Thomas Magnum—ex Navy S.E.A.L., private detective, heartthrob, and 80s icon. But Magnum P.I. is not just last century’s news as CBS rolls out its reboot this fall that is sure to make the ladies (and boys) swoon.

In an inventive new take on the old series, brought you by the creators of The Fast and the Furious, Jay Hernandez picks up where Tom Selleck left of as Magnum P.I., one part of a close-knit, ex-military crew. When one of their own is kidnapped and murdered, they set off to uncover why and who was behind the loss of their best friend. What ensues along the way is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seat.

Starring Hernandez, Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins (whose on-screen toying with Magnum is nothing short of pure chemistry), Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill, and Tim Kang, the cast is white hot. It doesn’t hurt that the series is beautifully shot in the gorgeous climes of Hawaii itself, the final member of the cast that makes the series shine.

Just in time for a world that needs a few good men, this reboot is sure to be one that will thrill and delight new viewers, as well as those who fell in love with Thomas Magnum decades ago. So, tune in this fall for the hero we’ve all been waiting for!

Magnum P.I.” premieres on September 24th on CBS.

The Cool Kids!

The Cool Kids premieres September 28th on Fox (starring Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, Martin Mull, and David Alan Grier)

The Cool Kids!

  • By Michael Jacobo
  • Photo Courtesy of Fox

If you were the outcast in high school or college, maybe you’ll get your chance to be one of the cool kids later in life. Like at your retirement community. I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually was a thing.

The Cool Kids is Fox’s newest comedy premiering this month. Set at a retirement community, the series follows three best friends who gets a newest member at their cool kids table following the death of another friend. This new “friend,” the rebel Margaret, stirs up drama and the “status quo” of the retirement community’s hierarchy. David Alan Grier (In Living Color, The Big Sick), Martin Mull (Roseanne, A Futile and Stupid Gesture), and Leslie Jordan (The Help, American Horror Story: Roanoke) star as the three best friends, Hank, Charlie, and Sid, respectively. Vicki Lawrence, the talented comedian who starred in The Carol Burnett Show, plays Margaret.

The series was created by Paul Fruchbom and Charlie Day, of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. Day serves as executive producer, alongside his Sunny cast mates Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton. It’s showrunner is  Kevin Abbott, who has a long history with the genre and format. His past credits include The Golden Girls, the original Roseanne, and the Tim Allen starring Last Man Standing.

The Cool Kids” premieres September 28th on Fox

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