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Fahrenheit 451 premieres May 19th on HBO (Starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon)


  • Photo By Michael Gibson/HBO

Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 is HBO’s latest show about to strike a chord — and a match. Aptly titled, 451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which book paper catches fire. Bradbury wrote this novel at the time of McCarthyism when he feared there could be a gross possibility of book burning in the United States — or worse, nuclear warfare. And today, against the rumbling of a second Cold War, this groundbreaking narrative persists as a cautionary tale to what might happen when democratic ideals come under threat of an authoritarian regime.

HBO’s dystopian allegory follows the firemen of the future who burn books in order to shield society’s impressionable children from the dangers of knowledge. Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) is Guy Montag, one such fireman who together with his boss Beatty, played by Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water), brandishes the power of fire to make all men equal. Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde) is perfect as Clarisse McClellan, a free spirit whose free thinking not only subverts Montag’s brainwashing but kindles a fervor inside him to join the resistance.

Writer-director Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) helms this daunting adaptation with a mindfulness sure to draw some frightening parallels within today’s politically charged arena. And if this show is to be any example, if we don’t take action soon, it may all go up in flames.

Fahrenheit 451” premieres on May 19th.


Cobra Kai premieres on YouTube Red (Starring Ralph Macchio)


  • Photo Courtesy of YOUTUBE

It was the kick to the face heard round the world. The 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. All eyes were on underdog Daniel LaRusso facing off with the formidable Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai. A kick so iconic that it gave hope to geeks, dorks, and film fans alike who would copy “the Crane” for decades to come. In the Hollywood storm of endless reboots, the one that will indubitably kick the most ass is the awesome comeback of The Karate Kid.

An original series by YouTube Red, Cobra Kai continues the saga between Daniel and Johnny, played by the baby-faced Ralph Macchio (The Deuce) and forever bad boy William Zabka (To Appomattox). Now the proud owner of a car dealership, Daniel gets wind that Johnny has reopened the dojo of the Cobra Kai and is teaching a bunch of new teenage dogs some old but vicious tricks. As their legendary rivalry stirs up history for the remaking, the show transports us back to all the fist-fighting and fondness we had for The Karate Kid with its pitch-perfect 80’s tone full of faithful and playful nods to skeleton costumes and headbands galore, to washing windows any which way you want and beating down bullies Mister Miyagi style.

With the rise of the Cobras, things in the Valley are about to get hotter than ever, so put your dukes up, Daniel-san, because there’s a new sensei in town.

“Cobra Kai” strikes back on May 2nd.


Season 3 of Colony premieres May 2nd on USA Network (Starring Josh Holloway)


  • Photo Courtesy of USA Network

Get ready, Colony fans! The season three premiere of the USA sci-fi drama is finally here! For the uninitiated — Colony tells the tale of a not-too-distant future Los Angeles that has been invaded and occupied by outside forces, causing a rift between the city’s residents. Some have collaborated with the occupation, while others are rebelling. Former FBI agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his wife, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), must consider their familial obligations when making their decision because they were separated from their son Bram (Alex Neustaedter) during the invasion.

In the season two cliffhanger, Will and Katie made their escape. The story had been hinting at a potential location change which is undoubtedly about to come true — production of the series has moved from LA to Vancouver! Holloway says viewers will soon find out who the villains are and what they want. Callies is just hoping to make it out alive! “I’ve never survived the third season of a television show,” she said. “Nope, not once.”  

Along with Holloway, Callies, and Neustaedter, the Colony cast continues to feature Tory Kittles, Peter Jacobson, Amanda Righetti, Jacob Buster, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp, Adrian Pasdar, and Tony Plana. Season three will see some additions: Graham McTavish, Wayne Brady, and Peyton List. Throughout last season Colony was the #1 cable scripted series on Thursday nights. Now’s the time to tune in and find out why!

Season three of “Colony” premieres May 2nd.

Precious Cargo!

Cargo premieres May 18th on Netflix

Precious Cargo!

  • By Michael Jacobo
  • Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Horror films are definitely making a comeback this year, and that’s a great thing. What’s even better, perhaps, is the fresh new voice that’s being implemented in them, rather than just having a rehash of what’s been done, because clearly we’ve seen it all.

Cargo, releasing this month on Netflix, is the harrowing story of a family surviving a post-apocalyptic. Martin Freeman (BBC’s Sherlock, Black Panther) stars as Andy, a family man. After a violent zombie-esque pandemic ravages their home in Australia, Andy must rush his infant daughter to safety, before he becomes the very person to harm her. Shot in the barren, desert landscape of the Australian outback, Cargo will surely bring a new location central terror to the zombie genre, replacing the classic city, urban setting that has dominated it. The central cast of characters meet an indigenous family, who initially refuse to help Andy. The plot, obviously political from the start, will add social commentary to the film, as have previous installments in this particular genre.

The film is a remake of the earlier Australian short film, also titled Cargo. The short’s co-director, Ben Howling, returns to direct this expansion, his first feature film. His co-director, Yolanda Ramke wrote the film.

Cargo” premieres on May 18th on Netflix.

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