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Artist Alex Gramm!

Bella and Artist Alex Gramm

Artist Alex Gramm!

  • By Cynthia Lum
  • Photo By Alex Gramm

“I paint because I find it to be a challenge for me, and when I overcome hurdles, there is no greater sense of accomplishment. An intense high, if you will. I consider myself to be a realist painter, and most of my inspiration is derived from my experiences in life.”

Alexander Gramm’s interest in art and culture began at an early age with visits to the Coleman Lake Club near Iron Mountain, WI. The Club founded in 1880 maintains a significant collection of Indian artifacts from around the country. Over the course of several years, Gramm attended Pow Wow’s and other Native American gatherings paying tribute to their cultural heritage. His photography from these events became the foundation for his Native American Series. A series inspired by the photography of Edward Sheniff Curtis, allowed him to indulge his love of the American West and experiment with a contemporary application on a historic topic.

Gramm’s inspiration often comes from old sheet music, world atlas maps and old books. His process involves a series of creating, and sealing as many as 30 or 40 layers then using sand paper or paint thinner to remove some of the layers and reveal parts of the text underneath. His new series explores the contrast of old and new, the past and present with painting and the printed word.

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Counterpart is now airing on Starz (pictured JK Simmons)


  • Photo Courtesy of STARZ

Like a Bach fugue, creator and writer Justin Marks (The Jungle Book) composes literary counterpoint with his captivating new show Counterpart. In this sci-fi thriller, two parallel plot lines converge on two parallel dimensions that are connected by one top secret passageway. And caught in this metaphysical crossfire is J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) as he portrays two sides of the same man, a single strand in a transcendental web of interdimensional espionage.

A lowly employee kept in the dark by a large spy organization, Howard Silk comes face to face with himself when a doppelgänger appears, having crossed through a portal from “the other side.” As questions abound, the only man with the answers is an echo of Howard, his counterpart from a shadow world, one that is infiltrating this world with assassins out for otherworldly revenge. And their first target — Howard’s wife. As the show’s existential crises blur the lines of identity and twist fate, Howard finds that he may not be the man he thinks he is.

Joining Simmons in his war of the worlds are Nazanin Boniadi (Homeland), Harry Lloyd (The Theory of Everything), Nicholas Pinnock (Marcella), Sara Serraiocco (Worldly Girl), Ulrich Thomsen (The Blacklist), and Olivia Williams (Manhattan). And as the cast shifts deliciously between duplicates of themselves, their counterparts will unravel three decades of secrets across two disparate realities with everyone’s future relying on just one man.

Counterpart” is now airing on Starz.

9-1-1 CALL!

911 premieres January 3 on Fox (pictured Connie Britton, Angela Bassett, and Peter Krause)

9-1-1 CALL!

  • Photo Courtesy of FOX

Known for breakout television like Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and American Crime Story, prolific partners-in-crime Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk set out to breathe new life into a convention they’ve never tried before — the cop procedural. At the heart of their new show 9-1-1 is a state of emergency, those moments of madness, those seconds of uncertainty that first responders race against in order to save people’s lives. As Murphy and Falchuk wield their wild and provocative tone, the resulting drama promises to not only stop your heart but tug on its strings, proving once again that when it comes to their latest thrill ride, these two writer-producer power players have their fingers on the pulse.

But the emotional vitality of the show comes alive with its Emmy nominated superstars Angela Bassett (American Horror Story), Connie Britton (Nashville), and Peter Krause (The Catch). Each emergency may test their mettle, but how they cope with the pressures of their own personal crises is what reveals their true character.

Rounding out the rest of the first responders are Kenneth Choi (American Crime Story), Rockmond Dunbar (The Path), Aisha Hinds (Shots Fired), and Oliver Stark (Into The Badlands). And for a show about people putting their lives on the line, what we poignantly come to understand is that when life is at its cruelest, even rescuer may need rescuing.

9-1-1” premieres on January 3rd.

Viva Las Vegas!

LA to Vegas premieres January 2nd on Fox

Viva Las Vegas!

  • By Michael Jacobo
  • Photo Courtesy of Fox

On the surface, flying in an airplane can seem fun, but it’s honestly the worst journey one can take (besides grad school). The best way to get over such traumatic events is to look back and laugh. There’ve been plenty of airplane-set comedies, however, this month on Fox, one might take the cake.

LA to Vegas follows the lives of passengers and crew on the weekend flight from LAX to Vegas as they all attempt to win the lottery, so to speak. Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story) stars as Captain Dave Pratman, a reckless alcoholic who embodies the stuff of nightmares: a careless pilot. Also starring are Kim Matula (UnREAL) as a disillusioned stewardess; Nathan Lee Graham (Zoolander), a preppy flight attendant; Peter Storemare (American Gods) as an angry passenger; and Ed Weeks (The Mindy Project) as a charismatic womanizer.

The series was created by Lon Zimmet (Superstore, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and features Will Ferrell, Adam McKay as executive producers, alongside Modern Family’s Steve Levitan, who directed the pilot episode. Initially “flying” under the radar, LA to Vegas is now considered to be this midseason’s hottest new comedy, and with some of comedy’s biggest names attached to it, there’s no denying this.

LA to Vegas” premieres January 2nd on Fox.

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