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On The Town!

(left to right) John Kassir and Vanessa Waters flanked by Gary and Edmond Entin at Man of La Mancha at LaMirada Theatre, banner at Opening Night of The Pride at The Wallis, Constellations' Stage Manager Julie Haber with Geffen Playhouse's Gil Cates Jr., Jackie Dielmann and Deborah Behrens, Man of La Mancha's cast members Nikki Crawford and Davis Gaines, The Pride's Michael Arden (director), Neal Bledsoe, Matthew Wilkas, Jessica Collins, Augustus Prew, and Alexi Kaye Campbell (playwright) on Opening Night, Mike and Elaine Petrone at La Mirada, banner at Lounge Fridays at Geffen, The Wallis'  Coy Middlebrow and Paul Crewes with Jacob Robard, Constellations' cast Ginnifer Goodwin and Allen Leech post performance at Lounge Fridays, pasta by Il Fornaio at The Wallis, Rachael Harris & Michael Arden at The Pride, Nikki and Davis, Keira Morissette and Devis Andrade at La Mirada, La Scala's Kenne Hoffman with Davis

On The Town!

  • Story / Photo By PAIGE PETRONE

On June 14th LAArtsOnline was proud to sponsor The Pride’s Opening Night festivities at The Wallis in Beverly Hills. After the performance guests met us outside on the lovely Promenade Terrace. While mingling with cast members, everyone enjoyed delicious fare from Greenleaf Chophouse, Il Fornaio Beverly Hills, La Scala Beverly Hills, and Primo’s Donuts. Also, continued thanks to our beverage sponsors; Angel City Brewery, Devotion vodka, Diabolo soda, and Evian water.

Next we headed down to La Mirada Theatre (on June 17th) for an “LAArtsOnline Night” at Man of La Mancha starring the very talented Davis Gaines (Phantom of the Opera, Silence: The Musical) as Don Quixote. Davis does not disappoint as he commands the stage while belting out the musical’s showstopper “The Impossible Dream.”

June 23rd was Lounge Fridays at Constellations starring Allen Leech (Downton Abbey), and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) at Geffen Playhouse. The show was very interesting and very well performed by Allen and Ginnifer. Top notch performances! You must check it out (the show has just been extended through July!). On any “Lounge Friday,” guests enjoy mingling in the courtyard while listening to festive music by DJ Mike Dolan.  It’s a hip way to end your week. Join us!

To view photos from all our events, click here.

Film Nights!

(left to right) Daniel Hall and Megan Easton, Jackie Zeman (right) with daughter Cassidy MacLeod, popcorn stand at Film Night, LAArtsOnline's Ashley Halverson with her beautiful daughter Presley, the scene before show time, Manon Duraham, Tava Smiley and her son Lochlan, and Artist Jean-Claude, Paul Simon exhibit, Patty Onagan and Melissa Kobe, seating at Film Night, Jonah Temianka, Katie, Christa and Kenzie Kulberg, candy time!, the outdoor screen, School of Rock kids jamming in the courtyard, and Paul Simon exhibit.

Film Nights!

  • By Ashley Halverson
  • Photos By Paige Petrone

Summer nights in Los Angeles are some of the most special times of the year.  For a super special treat for the entire family, spend a Friday night up at the Skirball Cultural Center and catch a movie under the stars. This summer the Skirball’s Films that Rock series features movies that celebrate the power of music.

Come early to explore the artfully curated traveling exhibition, Paul Simon: Words & Music which is on view until September 3rd.  The gallery walls are filled with fantastic old pictures, artifacts and a fun collection of fan mail.  Put on the provided headphones and hear some Simon tunes that will take you back in time and remind you what a force Simon and Garfunkel were.  If time permits hit up the music lab and create some sounds of your own with an array of instruments.  Or check out the gift shop for some very unique offerings that any music lover will enjoy.

Make your way to the lovely lily pad laden courtyard come movie time and stop into the concession that offers some exquisite salads, sandwiches (I recommend the yam sandwich, that’s right I said yam), a variety of snacks as well as cocktails, wine & beer.  Then settle in and relax to watch a fun flick ~ family night doesn’t get much better than this.

For details about Skirball Cultural Center, click here.


The final season of Orphan Black is airing on BBC America (pictured Tatiana Maslany)


  • Photo Courtesy of BBC

Beth, the sacrifice. Alison, the desperate housewife. Helena, the sestra. Cosima, the dying. MK, the warning. Krystal, the conspiracy theorist. Rachel, the conspiracy. And Sarah, leader of the Ledas. These are the tangled faces of Orphan Black. In season one, they learn Neolution is to blame. In season two, they wage war on Dyad. In season three, they kill their Castor counterparts. And in season four, they finally meet their maker.

Graeme Manson and John Fawcett are the masterminds behind Orphan Black, known not just for its sick visual effects but more for its intelligent commentary on the morality behind directing our own evolution through human cloning. Each clone is played masterfully by Tatiana Maslany, the show’s incomparable chameleon, and each clone has her own accent, her own behavior, her own peculiarities. Watching them interact with each other is impressive enough, but when one clone must impersonate another, the nuance upon nuance that Maslany executes is Emmy worthy ecstasy.

Of course no Clone Club would be complete without the commanding talents of Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors), Jordan Gavaris (Unnatural History), Kristian Bruun (Murdoch Mysteries), Kevin Hanchard (The Expanse), and Evelyne Brochu (X Company). As the final fight rages on, the future is uncertain for Sarah and her sestras. But one thing is sure — together they are one.

Catch the final season of “Orphan Black” airing now on BBC America.

Have a Nightcap!

Nightcap’s second season is now airing on Pop TV (pictured Ali Wentworth)

Have a Nightcap!

  • By Jon Steely
  • Photo Courtesy of Pop TV

As a fan of NBC’s 30 Rock and Garry Shandling’s iconic hit The Larry Sanders Show, I really enjoy watching comedies that show the behind-the-scenes happenings on fictitious television shows. So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Nightcap, Pop TV’s hot sitcom (now in its second season) which revolves around the zany Hollywood life of Staci Cole (Ali Wentworth), talent booker of a late-night talk show called “Nightcap With Jimmy.” Though host Jimmy’s nightmarish antics and demands drive Staci to the edge of madness, Nightcap makes the decision to never actually show him, which makes the hilarious effects of his reign of terror even funnier. Though we never see the show’s host, we get a front row seat to – and a lot of laughs from — Staci’s reactions to his demands.

And then there’s Jimmy’s guests (which include such luminaries as Alec Baldwin, Julianna Margulies, Brooke Shields, Kelly Ripa, Michael J. Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Rudd, Jim Gaffigan and Whoopi Goldberg), who, appearing as themselves, all raise Staci’s blood pressure by bringing more insanity to the “Nightcap With Jimmy” set with their diva demands, dramatic rivalries and idiosyncratic “star” behaviors. The result is a lighthearted – and somewhat dark – farce that Variety called “a lightweight, rewarding and extremely watchable comedy.”  So if hilarious Hollywood mockumentaries are your idea of a good time, grab yourself a nightcap and watch Nightcap.

Catch “Nightcap” now airing on POP TV.

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