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The Front Yard!

The Front Yard’s Deviled Eggs

The Front Yard!

  • By Pam Bushman
  • Photo By Paige Petrone

The Front Yard at The Garland Hotel is a gem in North Hollywood. The space features a lovely patio complete with a fireplace while the inside is divided into an inviting dining room and a trendy lounge. The feeling is relaxed yet refined.

We started our lunch with the Chorizo Deviled Eggs. They were creamy with a little kick and left us wanting more. Next up was the Tuna Tartare. The fish was bright, fresh and served with a delicious avocado mousse and plantain chips. The Kale Caesar and the Chop Shop Salads were large enough to share. The Caesar was simple but finished with zippy garlic Parmesan dressing. The Chop Shop featured an array of tasty ingredients. It was packed with marinated artichokes, cherry tomatoes, red onion, nicoise olives, smoked white cheddar, salami, and toasted pistachios. These were tossed with romaine lettuce and red wine vinaigrette, making for a hearty yet healthy dish. Lastly, we had Mary’s Chicken Club Sandwich. Be sure to ask for extra roasted garlic aioli. It was the perfect foil to the salty bacon and tangy marinated tomato.

I recommend visiting with a few friends so you can share several dishes. There are too many amazing choices to be limited to one or two. The Front Door is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and serves brunch on the weekend.

The Garland is located at 4222 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood.

Playa Provisions!

Playa Provisions’ Kale Salad and Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

Playa Provisions!

  • By Ali Owens
  • Photo By Paige Petrone

Playa Provisions is a quintessential coffee shop, casual sit down restaurant and whiskey bar all combined into one.  As a local of Playa Del Rey, you’ll find me here a lot.  It is a great place to do work, as they offer complimentary wifi, and bring your dog, since they have an outdoor patio with a heated fireplace. In the back, you can sit at communal fire pits and grab a drink while waiting for a table to open up. They only have one TV, which my husband and I have sat at the bar to see in order to enjoy a basketball game, and it’s probably for the best since this place is always bustling in the evenings.

As a mother, I really enjoy it because there is plenty of space to walk around, bring your kids, and even enjoy a scoop of homemade ice cream at the very end of your meal.  All of the food is prepared daily, fresh and seasonal.  As someone who frequents this restaurant fairly often, I can confidently say that all of the menu items are consistently delicious. You can expect to see grab and go sandwiches, deli salads, freshly caught seafood, savory meats, homemade pastries and desserts plus an abundant wine and cocktail list.  Take a drive down to the beach to enjoy the sunset and enjoy this delightful and charming marketplace.

Playa Provisions is located at 119 Culver Boulevard in Playa Del Rey.

The Exchange!

The Exchange Restaurant in Downtown L.A.

The Exchange!

  • By Kymberly Chase
  • Photo Courtesy of The Exchange

Downtown and want a taste of culture? Then I suggest you go the Freehand Hotel and experience The Exchange, a hip and colorful restaurant/bar delighting us with multi-cultural flavors of urban LA through an Israeli lens, elevating familiar flavors into the stratosphere!

Sharp small-dish starters like chicken liver on foie gras mousse with tangerine jam and fermented date honey, um simply delicious! Sweet florets of cauliflower on a bed of tangy lemon aioli with fried pita crumbs, minced almonds and a pecorino was heavenly. The succulent lamb kebab entree with stuffed poblano chili and (a must order) blue crab fried rice to seize the moment.

This bohemian escape hatch has an award winning beverage program featuring innovative cocktails, and a natural wine list that is on trend and really great.

The Exchange has super friendly wait staff that is very knowledgeable about the food. There was an easy elegance about the entire experience, echoed in the ambiance, the food, and definitely in the impeccable service. It was evident that attention to detail was paramount here, and I noticed and appreciated that from start to finish. Well done to The Exchange. DTLA is lucky to have you!

The Exchange is located at 416 W 8th Street in Downtown L.A.

Eggs ‘N’ Things!

Eggs ‘n’ Things’ Albacore Tuna Melt

Eggs ‘N’ Things!

  • By Paige Petrone
  • Photo Courtesy of Eggs 'n' Things

A totally awesome tuna melt! The best I’ve had in Los Angeles, and just the way I like it – on grilled sourdough bread. You will find it at Eggs ‘n’ Things, a lovely, casual, affordable coffee shop located in the heart of Simi Valley. I go there quite often with my parents. We all love it!

The restaurant (open since 1974) has five locations in Los Angeles. The menu is filled with plenty of classic breakfast items – eggs any way you want, along with a choice of three styles of potatoes. You may also choose from an array of traditional omelettes, French toast, and Belgian waffles. They are, however, best known for their pancakes! As a special treat, they serve up a complimentary Swedish Pancake (more like a cheese blintz) for anyone ordering breakfast. This certainly makes guests feel special.

Lunch items are my favorite. Along with the fabulous tuna melt, you will also find hamburgers, the classic BLT with Avocado, a Turkey Club, a Reuben and of course grilled cheese sandwiches. All of these come with decadent cottage French fries. Eggs ‘n’ Things certainly offers up delicious fare, but it’s the homey and cozy atmosphere that keeps their loyal customers coming back for more. After serving their yummy breakfasts and lunch every day, the restaurant closes at 2pm!

Eggs ‘n’ Things is located at 2955 Cochran Street in Simi Valley. For other locations and menus, click here.

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