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Great White Way!

(left to right) Sam Trude (one of the owners of Great White), Avocado Toast, Blue Smoothie Bowl, Front patio scene at Great White, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Great White's dining room, Iced Latte and Corn Fritters (Photos Paige Petrone)

Great White Way!

  • Story / Photo By Paige Petrone

I have a new favorite place. Great White, formerly SEED, has recently opened near Windward Circle in Venice. Although it’s basically a coffee shop, it’s quite the scene, cleverly set up and all around very cool!

Great White is offering an “all day” menu that you can order in or to go at the same counter. You step up to the counter, order and pay, then find a spot to dine or wait for your order. This concept is obviously not new, but done very effectively here. The place is consistently jammed packed with hipsters and locals.

They have a big selection of coffee beverages to choose from, but I love the Iced Latte made with two espresso shots, cocoa, and almond milk over mini ice cubes. On the menu you will find items like the Breakfast Burrito (stuffed with scrambled eggs, applewood bacon and tater tots!), Avocado Toast (toast covered with avocado, radish and cilantro), Corn Fritters (served with a poached egg, salsa and greens), Smashed Pea Bowl (served with prosciutto, a poached egg and burrata), Blue Smoothie Bowl (banana, pineapple, live blue algae alongside house made granola), Chop Chop Salad (romaine, garbanzo beans, avocado, cucumber and radish), Crispy Chicken Sandwich (with house made pickles and butter lettuce), Fish Tacos (grilled fish with citrus slaw), and a classic Burger. Check it out!

Great White is located at 1604 Pacific Avenue in Venice Beach.

Meat On Ocean!

Meat on Ocean’s Rotisserie Pineapple Vanilla and Red Chili Caramel Ice Cream Dessert (Photo: Alan de Herrera)

Meat On Ocean!

  • By Kymberly Chase
  • Photo By Alan de Herrera

Meat on Ocean, is a carnivores delight! This Santa Monica steakhouse features all sorts of adventurous and vast varieties of prime beef, from dry aged domestic cuts to the Japanese A-5 Wagyu. Succulent slices of meat are on exhibit in a glass-enclosed Dry Aging Room inside this upscale 11,000 square- foot dining room outfitted with cherry-red tufted banquettes and offering views of the glistening Pacific. The menu offers dishes like pork ribs, rotisserie chicken, and racks of lamb prepared by a team of interactive butchers trained to communicate directly with diners about everything.  And how’s the beef? Wonderful. I do not have words to describe the transcend experience of the Filet Mignon. Also cooked to perfection are the organically farmed chickens, pork ribs, and house made sausages.

To satiate my ravenous sweet tooth I had the pistachio crème brulee that whisked my heart and body to an astral plain of epicurean rapture. My date enjoyed the chocolate tart with mixed berries and the homemade ice cream.

It also offers cocktails, a craft beer system with 20 taps, an abundant selection of by-the-glass pours, and a great selection of wine by the bottle and by the glass. This place is phenomenal with amazing service! Probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Go!

Meat on Ocean is located at 1501 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. For more details, click here.


Matteo’s signature Neopolitan Gelato Cake


  • Story / Photo By Paige Petrone

Looking for another old school homey Italian restaurant with some history? I think I may have found a good one. Matteo’s, located in Westwood, is serving up traditional Italian food while boasting classic red leather booths and tuxedo wearing servers in a retro vibe.

The food is great and prepared with their own take on pasta and chicken dishes. We tried the Chopped Salad (mixed lettuce, salami, provolone and garbanzo beans), Baked Clams Oreganata (stuffed and baked crispy with parmesan cheese), Rigatoni Quattro Formaggi (smothered in a creamy four cheese sauce) and Pollo Romana (sautéed chicken and sausage with artichokes and bell peppers). And save room for dessert. They offer the most amazing house made Neapolitan gelato cake I’ve ever had. Simply to die for! A must try!

Frank Sinatra still has a booth there with his photo above it. Other regulars over the years have been Marilyn Monroe, Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Robert Blake, Rodney Dangerfield and Tony Danza to name only a few. Matteo’s is a longtime legend in Los Angeles. The entire establishment feels like something out of the 1950s and 60s. It’s very vintage and very cool. They offer an attractive Happy Hour (5:30pm to close!) every night except Mondays. Check it out!

Matteo’s is located at 2321 Westwood Boulevard. Call 310-475-4521 for reservations.

Tony’s Darts Away!

Tony’s Darts Away’s The Impossible Burger on a Doussant Roll

Tony’s Darts Away!

  • By Andrew Fish

Tony’s Darts Away is more than the rustic sports bar it appears to be. With its natural-wood interior, funky stickers plastered on the exposed air ducts, and multiple TVs airing the games, you wouldn’t think you’re walking into a premier spot for vegan chow.

Snacks like the Fried Garbanzo Beans make for a great side dish, while the Vegan Buffalo Wings, crafted from sunflower cutlets doused in buffalo sauce, are awesome both on their own and when serving as the protein in the vegan version of the Buffalo Wrap. Tony’s Darts’ take on the Impossible Burger is truly something to experience: two vegan patties served on a donut-croissant bun with vegan bacon, vegan provolone, barbecue sauce and “frizzled” onions actually have you thinking you’re eating a genuine burger. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and try an Impossible Burger, the new invention that may ultimately — and soon — expand the landscape of vegan dining on a wide scale.

Tony’s sausages are nearly all available in a vegan and non-vegan version, including the Beer Brat, the Mexicali and Caroline’s Chili Dog. And then there’s all the beer. Committed to supporting California craft beers, the brews on tap are optionally available in “flight” formation — so pick your favorites, pair them with something tasty, and take it all in!

Tony’s Darts Away is located at 1710 W. Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank.

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