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Cheers to 10 Years!

The Broad Stage is celebrating 10 years, Bravo! (Pictured Edmar Castañeda and Hiromi)

Cheers to 10 Years!

  • By Deborah Behrens
  • Photo Courtesy of The Broad Stage

The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center opened its doors to audiences in October 2008. Come celebrate its 10th Anniversary 2017/18 Season by attending one or more of these exciting November performances.

First up, Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avital partners with the bold Brooklyn indie chamber orchestra The Knights and soulful Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmeh for an adventurous night of multi-genre music ranging from classical masterworks to Middle Eastern to jazz (November 8). Next, Impro Theatre returns to The Edye for L.A. Noir Unscripted, a completely improvised Raymond Chandler/James M. Cain inspired night of murder and seduction, featuring private dicks, femme fatales and colorful characters from the dark and seedy underbelly of 1940s/50s Los Angeles (November 10-12).

On November 13, Japanese jazz pianist phenomenon Hiromi joins forces with Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda for an electrifying collaboration that began in 2016, led to their current 2017 world tour as a duet and an album entitled Live in Montreal recently released in September. “The first time I heard Edmar I simply said, ‘WOW!’” declared Hiromi. “So now, I would like all of you to hear his music so you can go ‘WOW!’ too.”

For more information on these shows or the 2017/18 season, click here.

Judy’s Story!

End of the Rainbow at La Mirada Theatre through November 12th

Judy’s Story!

  • By Ken Werther
  • Photo Courtesy of La Mirada Theatre

End of the Rainbow is a play with music focusing on Judy Garland in the months leading up to her death in 1969. Garland is in London along with her young fiancée Mickey Deans (who became her fifth husband), and her loyal friend and pianist Anthony, as they prepare for her five-week run of shows at The Talk of the Town. Following a string of bad press, Garland hopes her act will help repair her reputation. However, she still struggles with her drug addictions and her strained relationships with the men around her. The show received its 2005 world premiere in Australia and had its American premiere at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in early 2012. The show then played 176 performances on Broadway, followed by a critically acclaimed engagement here in Los Angeles.

Now, McCoy-Rigby Entertainment is presenting End of the Rainbow starring the Chicago-based singing and acting dynamo Angela Ingersoll as Garland. “Her tour-de-force performance is a simultaneously sublime and chilling act of transformation,” said the Chicago Sun-Times. The director of this new production is two-time Ovation Award-winner Michael Matthews (The Color Purple at Celebration Theatre and Failure: A Love Story for Coeurage Theatre Company). I’ve seen Angela perform. I’ve seen shows Michael has directed. I’ve seen End of the Rainbow. With all of these elements coming together, I guarantee you one thrilling night in the theatre!

For more details and tickets, click here.

Cuba Is!

Cuba Is at Annenberg Space for Photography

Cuba Is!

  • By Cynthia Lum
  • Photo Courtesy of Annenberg

“Cuba Is” at the Annenberg Space for photography explores aspects of Cuba not easily accessed by foreigners, and sometimes not even by Cubans themselves. This many layered exhibition reveals the complexities of the Cuban experience both on and off the island.

Born from indigenous, African and European roots, divergent politics and limitations in communication and commerce, the Cuba seen at the Annenberg is not a relic of former times frozen in a time capsule of crumbling buildings, and 50’s era Chevrolets. The 120 photos by acclaimed photographers as well as several emerging Cuban photographers range in subject matter from defiant youth known as “frikis” to the hard-partying children of the 1% to a makeshift beauty salon in the Vedado neighborhood.

Along with photos, the multimedia exhibition features a documentary that follows three Cuban photographers as the shoot pictures for the exhibition and a visit with iconic Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, who captured Fidel Castro and Che Guevara not long after the Revolution. As a part of the Cuban experience, visitors can take a break from viewing the exhibit at Doña  Dulce café featuring a menu of specialties from legendary local Cuban mainstays, Porto’s Bakery & Café and Café La Llave.

For more information and hours, click here.

Mike Kelley!

Art © Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts. All Rights Reserved / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Courtesy the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen

Mike Kelley!

  • By Cynthia Lum
  • Photo Courtesy of Hauser Wirth

If you love Superman don’t miss this exhibition! The classic story tells of the adventures of an alien being sent to Earth as a baby to escape the total destruction on his home planet Krypton.  The child’s alien makeup gives him extraordinary powers on Earth that he uses for the good of mankind.  As the plot line unfolds, it turns out that Kandor, the capitol of Krypton and Superman’s birthplace, was not destroyed but was shrunk and stolen by the supervillian Brainiac.  The entire futuristic city was shrunk to a size so small that it could fit into a bell jar. Superman rescued the city and kept it protected in his sanctuary, the Fortress of Solitude.

Renowned Los Angeles artist, Mike Kelley has created a series of visually opulent, technically ambitious, sculptures, along with videos and large-scale installations, reworking the imagery and mythology of the American comic book superhero.  The exhibition, “Mike Kelley’s Kandors 1999 – 2011” at Hauser & Wirth is the first comprehensive survey of the Kandors series. On view for the first time in the United States ‘Kandors Full Set’ comprises twenty large-scale hand blown glass bell jars and twenty-one cast resin miniature cities.  The series is presented in total darkness in accordance with Kelley’s focus on the light-scattering properties of the jewel tone glass vessels which are made to glow by light built into their pedestals.

For more details, click here.

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