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Summer Begins!
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Photo 1: The Hollywood Bowl (Photo: Paige Petrone), Photo 2: Harry Connick, Jr. plays the Bowl on July 10-11, Photo 3: Dining with Patina in Box Seats at the Hollywood Bowl, Photo 4: You can catch Smokey Robinson, Conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Sheryl Crow, Grace Jones, Yuja Wang (Piano), and Ziggy Marley and many others this summer at The Hollywood Bowl.

Summer Begins!

  • By Paige Petrone/Nancy Bishop
  • Photos Courtesy of The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is the most prestigious outdoor venue in the country. During the summer months, it is home to the LA Philharmonic and the number one choice of artists from all over the world who come to Los Angeles to perform. With its legendary status and superb setting and acoustics, the Hollywood Bowl consistently attracts unparalleled talent and attendant capacity crowds. It is a destination that warrants repeated returns and a lasting appreciation for its existence.

I recently had the most memorable night of my life at the Bowl, perched in the second row, an arm’s length from the stage, to see Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, but that’s another story. (See Arts page for my review.) I mention it because these two phenomenal talents represent what the Hollywood Bowl is all about: Quality. And it is that undeniable quality that draws top performers to its storied stage. For almost a century the Hollywood Bowl has been the best place imaginable to be entertained by the best people imaginable under the skies of the (usually) best weather imaginable, and this summer’s schedule is packed to the gills with more best reasons imaginable to return to the Bowl again and again. A partial list of what’s in store these next two months includes Smokey Robinson, A Fourth of July Extravaganza with Fireworks, the Playboy Jazz Festival, Ed Sheeran, Harry Connick, Jr., Sheryl Crow, Herbie Hancock, Heart, Erykah Badu, B52s, Yuja Wang, Joshua Bell, Grace Jones, Audra McDonald, the American Ballet Theatre, Pink Martini (a personal favorite), John Fogerty, Wayne Shorter, Monty Python’s Spamalot (see Theatre page for Andrew Fish’s review), Reggae Night with Ziggy and Stephen Marley, Sinatra’s 100th Birthday Celebration, Mozart (with Dudamel!), Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky (with Fireworks!), and so much more! Check the complete schedule and get your tickets pronto. They’re available now and selling quickly.

An added benefit of going to the Hollywood Bowl is the opportunity to enjoy a picnic. Inside the Bowl or on the grounds, having a picnic is a great way to make the most of your Bowl experience. If you’re lucky enough to have box seats, ordering from Patina is the way to go. Patina Restaurant Group, ranked among the top food purveyors in the world, runs the Bowl’s on-site restaurants/concessions and caters an impressive Box Service (whatever you choose, casual or gourmet, dinner is served to your box at the time you designate). Helmed by renowned chef Joachim Splichal, Patina runs scores of successful restaurants on both coasts, all known for the exceptional quality of their food and the excellence of their service. Their high standards inform every item on their Bowl menus, whether you are dining on the rooftop, in a box, on a bench, or on a blanket on the ground. Choices run the gamut from hot dogs to haute cuisine. From freshly prepared sushi to fried chicken, there is something scrumptious for every taste and budget.

On the subject of picnics, our Annual Hollywood Bowl Picnic (now in its 15th year), timed to kick off Classics Night at the Bowl, has evolved into a major happening. Our guests are treated to a complimentary repast featuring cuisine from some of the most popular restaurants in LA, along with wine, beer, soda, and Evian water. We host it at Camrose Park on Highland Avenue, adjacent to the Bowl, a bower of shade trees, grass covered grounds, and old-fashioned picnic tables. In this carefree setting guests eat, drink, and make merry with their friends, knowing, tickets in hand, they have a beautiful evening ahead of them, amid the balmy breezes and the scintillating sounds of the LA Philharmonic.

So check out the line up and secure your tickets for several nights; plan for box seats for some and bench seats for others. When sitting in box seats, do order from Patina, it’s a must! And plan a visit to Camrose Park with your packed picnic basket and favorite friends. Don’t forget the wine! I know you will enjoy it! 

To purchase tickets at the Hollywood Bowl, click here. To see photos from the Annual Hollywood Bowl Picnics, click here.

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